Everything Starts with an Idea...

Or at least that is how it began for The Blade Specialist. For the last 30 years, a small sharpening shop turned industrial part supplier has been fine tuning different products for the paper and plywood industries. Through research, trial and error, and hands on customer relations Cutters Edge has become the go to guys for cutting applications. After gaining extensive experience and knowledge, the question was asked, “Why don’t we market ourselves to the plastic industry?” The Blade Specialist was born. With so much industry in Texas alone we were able to jumpstart our entry into the plastic world.

We have established a strong customer base in a relatively short time due to the demand for higher quality, cheaper parts in the plastic industry.  Making believers is our main goal.  Our customers have seen the difference and have welcomed a new wave of service.

An Alternative Source

OEM part and blade prices have increased over the last 10 years to a point where, for many companies, it has affected their bottom line. There is another solution. Blade professionals can take a drastic load off production and maintenance managers alike. Through tailored products, service, and private consulting, we can ease the burden of production. Prepare for service you thought was impossible.