Plastic Machine Knives  

Welcome to the granulator, shredder,         densifier, pelletizer knife superstore.           Our mission to to provide the highest         quality blades in the industry for the           cheapest price.  Maintanence budgets         are ever decreasing leaving purchasers with a thin inventory.  Don't let shrinking budgets  affect your production.  The Blade Specialist has a multi-million dollar distributing network, allowing immediate shipment for most OEMs.   

     A Few Key Points:

Cumberland     Nelmor      Ball & Jewell    Conair                   Foremost        Granutech   Herbold          Tria                     Pagani            Polymer      Rapid             Mitts & Merrell       Wortex           Rotogran    Gala               Erema             Vecoplan        Weima        Cresswood      Retech                      

Along with our manufacturing facility, many industrial knife manufacturers all over the world are standing by awaiting your custom blade request.